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The links below are external sources our group have found interesting or helpful - as a group we cannot take responsibility for the content. We welcome contribution of additional resources and feedback on those we share.



geneticsengage.org:  A website focussing on inclusion and culture in Genetic counselling & healthcare communication

Films & Podcasts

Racism on frontline of NHS (Channel 4)

Podcast by Anu Obaro - Why I want to talk about racism (vimeo)

BAATN Podcast - beyond silence - black issues in the therapeutic process (soundcloud)

Interactive Media & Articles 

Ethnic minority NHS staff talk about racial discrimination (Kings Fund)

Time to tackle institutional racism

by Piyush Pushkar (BMA)

Allowing patients to choose the ethnicity of attending doctors is institutional racism by Nadeem Moghal (BMJ)

BMJ special series: Racism in Medicine (BMJ)

Its time to talk about race by Kunal Babla (Archives of disease in childhood)

Those who cannot do so cannot be entrusted to lead the NHS by Roger Kline (BMJ Leader)

White Privilege in a White Coat: How Racism Shaped my Medical Education

Max J. Romano (Annals of family med.)

How to be an anti-racist and white ally (Bath Uni.)

Resources specific to paediatrics

Why black babies have better survival if cared for by black doctors (Guardian)

Identifying medical signs on black skin (Book) and a new skin lesion resource (don't forget the bubbles - skin deep)

The impact of racism on child and adolescent health (American Academy of Paediatrics)